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Product Fulfilment Policy

All Effective Policy products are either:

We prefer to have instant downloads for all documents and tools, however, sometimes the file is so large we need to fulfil the order manually with a real person sending you the goods.

Refund Policy:

Digital Downloads – non refundable as the product can’t be returned. We can however give a credit where we are sure the refund request is a genuine and authentic request. We urge you to choose carefully. Avoid purchasing under stress without knowing what you need. We can always be contacted for a questions and advice: (02) 9055 8669 or [email protected]

Consultation Purchase:

We can refund products in this category where the service has not yet been used.
There is no surface mail shipping with digital downloads.


Customers can cancel a subscription any time. If having trouble figuring out how, please contact: [email protected]

Newsletter and Email communications:

We may add all new customers to our mailing list. You can unsubscribe at any time from the link in our emails or you can contact [email protected]